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Personal Protection Equipment and PPE solutions from Liberty Distributors

Personal Protective Equipment/PPE Solutions

KeepĀ  your employees safe with PPE from Liberty Distributors

We specialize in providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions that are essential for packing, shipping, and commercial printing. Our comprehensive range of PPE products includes gloves, face masks, safety glasses, and disposable coveralls that meet industry standards.

Contamination is a significant concern in the industries we serve, and our distribution services provide PPE that is ideal for food service, laboratories, and manufacturing applications. We are committed to providing the best quality safety gear to ensure the safety of your staff. With our range of products, you can find exactly what you need to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Benefits of Personal Protective Equipment

Ensuring the safety of employees should be a top priority for businesses and healthcare workers. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a crucial aspect of this safety measure as it provides immediate health protection. PPE solutions from Liberty Distributors are an important, cost-effective investment in your employees.

Improved Employee Confidence and Satisfaction

PPE is vital for workplace health. It enhances morale and productivity, reduces stress, and leads to a happier workforce with fewer absences.

Occupational Safety in any Workplace Hazards

Safe and satisfied employees are more likely to stay longer. Providing the best occupational safety devices is critical to ensure their protection and reduce staff turnover. This minimizes absenteeism due to injuries or sickness, allowing your company to operate at full capacity, and increasing productivity and profitability.

Increased Efficiency

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) increases work efficiency. For example: gloves protect from burns and cuts during food prep, and goggles prevent eye injuries while welding. PPE is crucial to ensure workplace safety.

PPE products and solutions from Liberty Distributors

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Types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

At Liberty Distributors, we understand the importance of keeping your employees safe while they work. That’s why we offer a wide range of top-quality PPE products that meet national safety standards. Trust us to provide the protection your workforce needs to perform their jobs with confidence and peace of mind.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is vital. Goggles and safety glasses are commonly used. Even in an office or a lab, it’s important to wear eye protection. Eye protection is also recommended in cooking, although not always required.

Respiratory Protection

Employees need a breathing apparatus when exposed to inhalable dangerous materials. It can be a mask or a full breathing system with an oxygen tank. Proper training is required to operate the equipment and it must be inspected regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.

Arms & Hands Protection

Arm guards and medical gloves are commonly used to protect limbs. Leather material is also used to prevent cuts and burns.

Ear/Hearing Protection

Employees exposed to high sound levels regularly require ear protection. Professional ear muffs that cover the full ear are necessary for extreme noise levels, such as in airport tarmac maintenance, mining, or operating large, noisy vehicles.

Whole Body & Skin Protection

Continuous exposure to hazardous surroundings requires full body protection like chemical protective clothing. Firefighters need PPE including a full suit, gloves, boots, helmet, goggles, and face shroud. A personal shelter is also necessary for emergency cover from fire blasts.
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