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Door & Window Packaging

Door & Window Packaging

Packaging solutions designed to keep your products safe and secure

At Liberty Distributors in West Virginia, we understand the significance of protecting your doors and windows during transportation. Our packaging solutions are specifically designed to keep your products safe and secure throughout the shipping process. We offer a variety of packaging materials such as bubble wrap, packaging tape, shrink film, edge protectors, and industrial packaging, ensuring that your products are well-protected. If you are looking for reliable packaging solutions, we have got you covered.

Why Choose Liberty Distributors

Liberty Distributors offers commercial packaging solutions specifically designed to safely transport bulky and fragile items like doors and windows. Contact us for customized packaging options for your business needs.

Innovative Door Packaging Solutions

At Liberty Distributors, we use innovative methods to package doors and ensure they arrive safely. We use protective materials like cushioning wraps and sturdy corrugated cardboard for door packaging.

Superior Window Packaging Services

Our packaging solutions protect windows during transit. We use bubble wrap, foam sheets, and corrugated paper for cushioning and shock absorption.

Edge Protection for Doors & Windows

We use edge protectors to reinforce the vulnerable corners and edges of doors and windows in our packaging solutions, preventing damage during shipment.

Customizable Packaging Solutions

At Liberty Distributors, we customize door and window packaging to meet your unique requirements. We consider the dimensions, materials, design, and fragility of your products to provide maximum protection.

Tips for keeping doors and windows safe in transit

Besides offering packaging services, we recommend considering these tips to ensure door and window safety during shipping.

Use Correct Packaging

Use packaging that’s designed specifically for doors and windows.

Ensure Condition

It’s important to keep packaging materials in good condition and replace any broken or worn-out packaging to ensure the contents are well protected during transit.

Keep It Safe

Choose packaging supplies with cushioning capabilities, such as bubble wrap and foam packaging wraps, to help keep the glass safe.

Seal & Protect

Make sure to seal the packaging tightly to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering.

Package Securely

Make sure to use enough packaging material to completely cover the item and securely affix the packaging to all areas.

Liberty Distributors of Wheeling, WV is your packaging, facility solutions, and janitorial supplier. Contact us today!

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Door & Window Packaging

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