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Temperature Controlled Packaging

Temperature Controlled Packaging

Maintain the best environment for your products

At Liberty Distributors, we offer temperature-controlled packaging solutions for perishable or temperature-sensitive products. Our packaging is designed to keep your products in perfect condition, no matter where they’re shipped or stored. With over 35 years of experience, our customer-focused team is here to provide you with the commercial packaging solutions you need to succeed. Contact us with any questions!

Choosing the right temperature-controlled packaging

Selecting the right temperature-controlled packaging is essential for ensuring that your products remain in perfect condition. That’s why Liberty Distributors offers an extensive selection of shipping supplies and packaging materials specifically designed to protect your items from extreme temperatures. From insulated packaging liners and advanced vacuum packaging technology to packaging materials that feature thermal insulation to keep your items safe and secure, our packaging services are designed to provide the perfect packaging solution for all of your temperature-sensitive products.


Refrigerants are vital for maintaining the desired temperature range in temperature-controlled packaging. They come in various forms and play an essential role in regulating and stabilizing the temperature inside the packaging, safeguarding perishable goods during transportation.

Insulated Containers

Insulated containers, also called coolers or thermally controlled boxes, maintain stable temperatures for extended periods. They’re made with high-quality insulation to prevent heat exchange. Used for transporting items requiring strict temperature control, they’re durable and can withstand rugged handling conditions.

Insulated Mailers & Shipping Packs

Insulated mailers and shipping packs are lightweight packaging solutions that protect temperature-sensitive items during transit. These solutions are easy to assemble, flexible, and cost-effective, providing protection for sensitive products while simplifying the shipping process.

Sustainable & Biodegradable Packaging

Sustainable packaging prioritizes reducing environmental impact while maintaining temperature control for sensitive products. These materials are renewable and eco-friendly, and offer benefits such as reduced waste and pollution, alignment with eco-conscious consumers, and enhanced brand reputation.

Temperature Monitoring Devices

Temperature monitoring devices are crucial for safe transport of sensitive goods. They include data loggers, indicators, or real-time monitoring systems. By measuring and recording temperature data, they allow users to track and monitor temperature, providing valuable insights during transit.

Insulated Shippers

Insulated shippers are packaging containers that maintain a consistent temperature for products during shipping. Made of high-quality insulating materials, they prevent temperature fluctuations, preserve product integrity, ensure safety, and offer peace of mind to businesses and customers.

Temperature Controlled Packaging

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Benefits of temperature controlled packaging

Temperature-controlled packaging is an essential tool for any business shipping temperature-sensitive products.

  • Protection against temperature fluctuations and extreme temperatures.
  • Reduces risk of product damage due to environmental factors.
  • Keeps goods fresh and in perfect condition for longer.
  • Reduces packaging costs, as materials need not be replaced as frequently.
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Temperature Controlled Packaging

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