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Load Securement & Stability

Load Securement & Stability from Liberty Distributors

Helping you ensure optimal cargo safety.

When it comes to logistics and shipping, the way cargo is loaded plays a critical role in keeping it safe and stable during transportation. The materials used to protect and support cargo, is one of the key components to ensure secure cargo handling. Proper loading patterns can help businesses reduce the risk of damage and improve the efficiency of their shipping operations.

Load Securement & Stability

What is Dunnage?

Dunnage is a term that refers to various materials used to safeguard cargo from shifting, vibrating, or colliding during transit. Common types of dunnage include airbags, foam inserts, blocking and bracing materials, and other protective elements. The primary purpose of using dunnage is to prevent cargo movement, distribute weight evenly, and absorb shocks and impacts that may occur during transportation.

However, it’s vital to ensure that dunnage is loaded correctly to provide optimal protection and stability during transit. Loading incorrectly can lead to cargo shifting, imbalance, or contact with other items in the shipment. This can result in damage, breakage, or even accidents during transportation.

To minimize the risks associated with cargo movement, businesses must follow appropriate loading patterns to ensure that the dunnage effectively supports and protects the items being shipped. Furthermore, efficient loading patterns can improve space utilization, enhance load stability, and reduce the chances of goods being dislodged or damaged during transit.

Liberty Distributors Dunnage Solutions

Liberty Distributors carries a variety of dunnage solutions for all types of cargo loads and transportation needs. Check out the tabs below to learn about some of our products and solutions.

Dunnage Air Bags
Cargo Tuff Dunnage Air Bags from Liberty Distributors

CargoTuff manufactures a complete line of dunnage airbags constructed with 100% virgin materials, extruded and woven in our facility. 10% of their lightweight and 100% heavy-weight production are pressure tested to ensure quality and performance.

Why Air Bags

  • No additional expensive void fillers needed to reduce the void
  • Reduced use of valuable storage space for void fillers in the warehouse
  • Faster loading
  • Cost savings
Load Securement & Stability
Load Securement & Stability
Load Securement & Stability
Load Securement & Stability

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We offer a variety of packaging options and can create custom packages to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts will work with you to design packaging solutions that meet your company’s exact needs.

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Load Securement & Stability

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